“America’s FIRST 17th century Living History, re-enactment Group of Polish winged Hussar knights and military
Nobility of the Mighty Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth” ©

What We Do
We are a re-enactment group portraying the
famous winged hussars of the
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, circa the
Battle of Vienna, 1683.  It is our intent to
educate the public about the history and
culture of Poland at various events by
demonstrating the clothing, equipment, and
lifestyle in a hands-on exhibit.

We take pride in our portrayal.  Our ranks are
supported by some of the foremost historians
in the field, and we have been recognized as
trailblazers in our portrayals.  We were the
first group in the United States to promote
serious, historically accurate re-enactment of
the winged hussar, setting the stage and
standard for our like-minded brethren across
the country.

We take pride in Poland.  Although we are
dedicated to a 17th Century time frame, we
are well versed in Polish history, and are
frequently asked questions ranging from
ancient Slavic history to Polish involvement
in the Crusades to World War II and Polish
events.  If we know the answer to your
question, we'll gladly share.  If not, we will
be happy to research the answer.  It will not
be the last time we are asked that question.

Join Us Today!
Do you have a strong interest in history and a
desire to educate?  Perhaps we are the group
for you!  Contact us at any one of our events
or email any of our members for additional

Not Polish or Lithuanian?  It doesn't matter!  
We are always looking for Cossacks, Tartars,
Swedes, Muscovites, and other 17th century
portrayals to join our camp.

Check out all the various pages on this site for
more information.  When you are ready,
contact us!  We're friendly!  No, really!

Many other re-enactment groups have a
tradition of starting new members as a slave
or servant or some such thing: over time, you
work your way up through the ranks.  We, in
contrast, base our structure in the traditional
way of Polish nobility.  You are "Panie
Bracie," or translated, "My Lord Brother."  
Women enjoy equal status.  Once you join,
you are one of us, and among friends.
We dont mind if you use anything on our site for non-commercial purposes.  Doing a report or article?  Knock yourself out.  We're all about the education.  Any photos on the site that have a courtesy credit to a
photographer will require their permission before you use it though.
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