Research Files

The files contained on this page are intended to assist in historical research
of the period.  The authors reserve all rights.


A Brief History of Lithuania (Word doc)

"Angels of Death" - food for thought regarding the hussar's szyszak helm as
a representation of death


Basic Polish Phrases (Word document)

The Battle of Chocim - 1673

Cavalry - A History of a Fighting Elite, 650BC - 1914AD

"Confined to Quarters" - Poland in History and Film

The Cossacks - Part I, Part II

Families of the Nobility of the Russian Empire

God's Playground - excerpt

The Fall of the Ottoman Empire

‘The Hussars’ - Brassey’s Book of Uniforms by Tim Newark (excerpt -
Word document)

Hussar Armor (Word document)

Introduction to Polish Heraldry

Jan Sobieski

Jan Sobieski's Speech to the Army at Vienna (Word doc)

"The Kozaky at Sea" (pdf document)

Military History Magazine article, 1993 (Word document)

Nobility of the Polish Commonwealth

Order of Battle of Relief Army at Vienna (Word doc)

Polish Heraldry

Polish Historical Flags (Word document)

Polish Military Commands (Word document)

Suligowski Family History (Word document)

Sulima Arms Information

The Story of Suligowski's Regiment (Word document)

"The Truth about a Hetman"

Your Coat of Arms

Flyers and publicity information
2008 Schedule of Events (Word document)

Introduction to Suligowski's Regiment

Suligowski's Regiment Flyer (Word document)